Visitor pressure in European cities

Anyone who has ever walked around in a popular city such as Amsterdam on a summer day undoubtedly realises how current the topic “visitor pressure in European cities” is. The European press reports on nuisance caused by tourists more and more, and they are laying it on tick. Reason for ETFI to participate in this research project together with CELTH.

CELTH and ETFI the first in Europe to claim this research subject

The European cities Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona signed up to join the research project. The actual research took place in these six cities in 2015. The first research results were presented at the ITB in March 2016. There is a call for European cities to sign up for a second wave of research.

What are the problems that were observed in the study and which critical encounters have been identified? Read this in the article which was published in the Stenden magazine, Stenden At Home – Europe Edition