5 unique experiences for future-proof national parks

The biggest challenge nowadays faced by national parks in the Netherlands is the shifting focus of nature education to nature experiences. Four students of the International Tourism Management programme from Stenden University embarked on an adventure together with our tourism experts. They came up with innovative and creative solutions by using the Design Thinking method.

Ready for the future with experience management and Design Thinking

What are the most important trends in experience management? By means of a literature study, site visits and expert interviews focusing on experience management, the students gave an answer to this question and clarified the topic. With all this knowledge, they stepped into the Design Thinking process under the guidance of our Design Thinking specialist. Recommendations for experiences in national parks of the future is the result.

The key elements of the 5 designed experiences are:

Virtual reality
Creating the experience begins before the actual visit starts. On a bicycle simulator with Ocolus Rift glasses the visitor of a tourism fair can already get an impression of the experience he can expect.

Mobile devices
The role of mobile devices in nature experience is ambivalent. On the one hand, mobile devices play an important role in providing information. On the other hand, experiences are conceivable whereby the visitor abandons his mobile phone during the visit and completely isolates from daily life.

Special travel guide
A role model or icon guides the visitor during the visit. This can be a natural hero or an animal found in the area. This icon is consistently presented throughout the customer journey. Prior to the visit, the interest is already raised by means of vlogs about nature. A “meet & greet” is possible with the natural hero.

Nature activities
The activities that visitors can undertake are entirely based on nature. Examples are woodworking, clay, perm culture and astrology.

Volunteer experience
During a volunteer experience, young people get the chance to experience the life of their natural hero. They can also work as a professional nature conservator.

Create your own inspiring experience concepts

Are you looking for a way to get new experience concepts for your organisation? Or do you want to know which concepts are suitable for potential target groups? Our Design Thinking Expert Wyb de Boer leads multidisciplinary and bottom-up design sessions. Maaike Bergsma can answer all your questions about visitor experience.

This blog was written by Maaike Bergsma.