Anticipate the future of urban tourism

Albert Postma shares his expertise regarding the future of urban travel at the brand new international conference Tomorrow’s Urban Travel in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Albert’s keynote sheds light on the recent results of the project “Visitor pressure in European cities” and makes clear why strategic foresight and scenario planning are essential instruments to anticipate the future of urban travel.  

Insight in global trends and insights of urban tourism

What will the world of urban travel look like, with new developments, business models, global trends, and challenges rapidly changing the face of the industry in the years to come? The conference “Tomorrows Urban Travel” is the first attempt to start a new conversation about urban travel and tourism with a firm focus on the future. Marketing, technology, architecture and consumer behaviour are going through massive changes. Therefore, tourism stakeholders have to ignite a new understanding about what tomorrow will bring.

The conference will serve as a platform where the latest global trends and insights are shared and discussed and turned into new opportunities and collaborations. Thereby, Tomorrow’s Urban Travel will examine which steps the industry must take in the coming years.

The conference Tomorrow's Urban Travel takes place on the 8th of September 2016 at Marketenderiet in Copenhagen.