Application of virtual reality in tourism

Jörg Wenzel is currently researching the application of technological advances in the tourism and leisure industries. Nowadays it is possible to experience a destination by means of virtual reality technology. This set of technologies allow a person to feel as if they were present at a place other than their true location or to give the appearance of being present at that location. The question arose whether technological involvement impacts the tourism industry in terms of marketing. It becomes visible that customers can experience destinations by 360° videos and 3D-glasses. This method serves nowadays as pre-sales and sales tool as potential customers can be at a destination before they actually travel there physically. 

It can be said that there is a mass of pre-departure information available for customers of the tourism and leisure industries. Yet, how does the pre-departure information impact the experience of a customer once he or she has arrived at the destination? In order to find an answer on this question the actual tourism experience should be measured.

Creation of virtual tourism experiences & virtual reality hotel

Besides using virtual reality as an additional element in the tourist experience chain lasting from pre-sale, the actual consumption to aftersales, Jörg has more knowledge about the creation of virtual tourism experiences and the setup of a virtual reality hotel that enables guest to ‘travel’ to virtually any destination. Crossing the borders of computer gaming, events and tourism is an inspiring field of research that involves many aspects of the human nature.