Building productive coalitions for destination development

At ETFI, we encounter many efforts of building productive coalitions for destination development. At this moment we are directly or indirectly involved in initiatives in the province of Fryslân (Toerisme Alliantie Fryslân), Groningen (Groninger Toerisme Cooperatie), Drenthe (Leisure Valley), Overijssel (Gastvrij Overijssel). Next to more thematic coalitions such as the Data & Development Lab of CELTH, NBTC and CBS, the National Data Alliance (LDA). On international level, ETFI participates with CELTH in exploring opportunities to collaborate with ETOA, ETC and NECSTouR.

Building productive coalitions fit the time frame

Tourism is growing, growth meets its limits, carrying capacities are reached, negative effects occur, overtourism hits the media, and governance challenges arise. Tourism is no longer considered as an economic activity or an engine for jobs. It has implications on society, on cultures, on the sense of place and belonging, on the public spaces and so on. This is the area of expertise and responsibility for a whole range of actors. Alternatively, in many places, tourism is not growing whereas it could provide positive impacts on local communities if planned and managed well. Here, the organisational structures and networks are needed that can support and bridge actors to create the fruitful conditions for initiatives that fit sustainable, responsible tourism.

Addressing the future of tourism

Overall, we see important and complex governance challenges emerging to properly address the futures of tourism. It is a combination of amongst others organisational structures, institutional frameworks of laws, rules, regulations and codes of conduct, storytelling, visioning, quality-driven experience development. By means of the research of Stefan Hartman on Building Adaptive Tourism Areas, via various projects and our activities in the above-mentioned networks, we address as well as aim to solve these issues.

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