Call for Papers: Tourism trends

We need only look back several decades to understand how the global market for leisure travel has changed. In the 1970s world tourism growth was largely fuelled by the West (both inbound and outbound travel); key established destinations held ultimate sway and the path to purchase was defined and structured. Whereas in 2019, so much has changed. Whether it is the rise of the middle-class consumer from China, ageing populations, the importance of sustainability or big data. Tourism markets, products and distribution is fundamentally different. We are seeing new expectations, new destinations and new tourists. Even outer space is becoming a reality as the ultimate tourism experience. 

So, what trends are shaping the future of tourism?

Authors are invited to submit a trends paper for the special issue of the Journal of Tourism Futures, of 1000 to 2000 words which focus on a particular trend or driver and how they impact or influence the future of tourism. Papers could identify megatrends (Yeoman, 2012), illustrating how they will impact and shape the future tourism i.e., climate change, demography, technology. Papers could be micro trends and illustrate a specific consumer behaviour, motivation and application i.e., digital amnesia (Greenwood & Quinn, 2017).  Papers could explain how products and experiences have become more important underpinned by appropriate trends i.e., Food Festivals (Findlay & Yeoman, 2015).

Guest Editors

Dr Ian Yeoman, Associate Professor of Tourism Futures, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Professor Albert Postma, Professor of Scenario Planning, European Tourism Futures Institute, the Netherlands, and Dr Stefan Hartman, Programme Director, European Tourism Futures Institute, the Netherlands.

General authors guidelines for submitting the paper to the Journal of Tourism Futures can be found here.  All paper must be submitted here. The deadline for submission is 1st November 2019.  For further information please see the attachment.