DataFryslân: The link towards improved cooperation in the field of data in Friesland

It is increasingly important for decision-makers to make decisions based on good data and information. Many organisations have data and information, however, it is often not available, not shared with other organisations or it is difficult to connect this data with other existing information. Moreover, sometimes data sources are not utilised or are not analysed in an innovative way yet. This is a pity because the added value lies in linking data that gives a more complete picture. To improve this, and the cooperation in the field of data also, DataFryslân was founded in 2019. NHL Stenden is one of the partners in this project and ETFI researcher Jasper Heslinga is responsible for the tourism and recreation research program.

What is DataFryslân?

Next to NHL Stenden, the province of Friesland, the municipalities of Leeuwarden, Smallingerland and Sudwest Fryslân, Fries Sociale Planbureau, RuG / Campus Fryslân and CBS have joined forces in DataFryslân. This means that cooperation and learning in Friesland is set up in order to answer relevant questions about data, liveability, tourism, the economy and social issues among other things. Within DataFryslân, a “Hub” is created in which connection and access to data are arranged. There will be a “Lab” in which staff and students collaborate, experiment, learn and will reach good outcomes. And there will be a “Podium” where participants will share their experiences with each other and the rest of Friesland.

Program on tourism & recreation

From 1st of May, ETFI researcher Jasper Heslinga will be in charge of the program that deals with tourism and recreation. The tourism and recreation industry is one of the two themes on which DataFryslân is initially focusing. An inventory is currently being carried out among all partners on the content of this program and a definitive program will be presented soon.