ETFI starts trend study on nature-based tourism for Interreg VB project PROWAD LINK

In the coming months, ETFI will focus on understanding trends and developments in nature-based tourism. We will dive into major drivers of change that affect tourism in general, core trends that affect tourism supply and demand and trends at the micro level of very specific types of niche tourism that relate to nature-based tourism.

ETFI’s team of experts

This fits very well with the expertise of our ETFI team members on futures thinking, scenario planning and tourism development in protected areas such as national parks and World Heritage sites. Many of our team members will, therefore, be involved in this project. Our exploration includes understanding and differentiating between emerging trends and maturing trends for a range of trends topics. The findings will be presented in a set of ‘trend fact sheets’ that project partners in the Interreg project from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom can use themselves as well as disseminate to regional partners and SMEs. These regional partners and SME can use the findings to futureproof their approaches and activities.

Interreg VB project PROWAD LINK

The overall Interreg VB project PROWAD LINK aims to increase revenue from sustainable offers and products in line with brand and protection values, increase investment in sustainability and create long-term collaborations in cross-sector knowledge partnerships. More information on the PROWAD LINK project can be found here. Our ETFI project is commissioned by the managing authority of the National Park Vadehavet, Denmark, who is responsible for work package 6 in the Interreg VB project PROWAD LINK.