ETFI's new product: workshop customer journey in tourism

Not only in the Netherlands the interest in ETFI's customer journey method and workshops increases. The method, which is used to better respond to customer needs, was also carried out in the tourism industry of Zanzibar in Tanzania. Our customer journey expert Maaike Bergsma led a two-day workshop for tourism stakeholders from the capital Stone Town. This city is on the Unesco World Heritage List. The aim was to gain insight into the way cultural heritage is presented to international visitors.

How does customer journey design work?

The workshop was done on behalf of the Italian NGO ACRA and Zanzibar NGO KAWA Training Center. A group of 20 tour operators, government representatives and employees of heritage organisations undertook the following steps during their customer journey analysis:

  • Brainstorm about the main contact points (touch points) where the cultural heritage is presented to tourists
  • Desk research on the internet and observation research to identify touch points such as signage and street advertising
  • Analysis of content, location and function of the touchpoints
  • Mapping strengths and weaknesses to make improvements

4 main customer journey results in Stone Town, Zanzibar:

Consistent use of Unesco World Heritage label
Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, is listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. However, it appears that the label is insufficiently used in contact with visitors. This is a pity because it is a so-called "high value" label that calls for very positive associations with (potential) visitors.

Stimulate photo sharing on social media
Social media channels offer unprecedented opportunities to send information about the destination to the world. A life-sized photo frame with an iconic image in the background gives visitors the opportunity to take a photo and share them with acquaintances.

Make sure you have a clear entrance at the right place
Visitors are welcomed in the harbor by means of the text "Karibu Zanzibar" (welcome to Zanzibar). It shows nothing about the cultural heritage that the visitors could explore. The Unesco label is present in another corner of the port, but there are hardly any visitors.

Role of souvenirs
Souvenirs play an important role in the international tourism industry. Souvenirs give a permanent reminder of the experience and can be an inspiration for family and friends who want to visit the destination as well.

Optimise communication with your visitors: ETFI's customer journey workshop

Do you want to know more about the opportunities that a customer journey can offer you in optimising visitor contact? Or do you want to see what your organisation's strengths and weaknesses are when communicating with visitors? Our customer journey expert Maaike Bergsma leads workshops regarding the customer journey method for organisations in the field of cultural heritage and natural areas.

This blog was written by Maaike Bergsma.