Four scenarios for managing visitor pressure in 2030

Our Visitor Pressure project is almost coming to an end. We worked on identifying different perceptions of visitor pressure among residents. Thereby, we also clarified ways of managing visitor pressure in European cities, both large and small. As the last step of the project, CELTH in collaboration with ETFI and NHTV held a scenario planning workshop together with DMO representatives of the participating cities.

By means of our scenario planning workshop we achieved 4 targets:

  • Discuss world-wide tourism developments
  • Identify major determinants of change
  • Identify the most uncertain and important determinants of change
  • Shape the dimensions for four scenarios with reference to visitor pressure in 2030.

The targets were met due to active participation, an in-depth discussion and exchange of perceptions, views and knowledge. As a result of the workshop four future scenarios were crafted.

Sustainable and future-proof development of urban tourism

During the past weeks we have been working on a report of the main outcomes of the session. As the next step, key implications will be identified and actionable strategies will be developed to ensure preparedness of the cities for critical uncertainties. The next steps will be taken together with the DMOs, further building on shared knowledge and common interests. The scenarios aim to help the cities in policy planning and development by providing an outlook on how the future may look like. Thereby, the implications the scenarios may have on tourism and more specifically on visitor pressure in European cities will be highlighted.

Watch our video and get to know how our unique scenario planning approach in tourism works