A future-proof tourism organisation in the province of Drenthe

How can we reach the current tourists in a contemporary way and provide them the desired information? This is a question where various Dutch regions are struggling with, including the province of Drenthe. CELTH, in collaboration with ETFI and NHTV, conducted a study on the possibilities to develop a cooperation structure in the field of tourist information and communication in the province of Drenthe. The researchers have focused on the existing organisations in the field of tourist information and communication.

Tourist information in the province of Drenthe

The province of Drenthe has a number of goals to streamline the information and communication in the future. Drenthe wishes less fragmentation of information and to anticipate the needs of the visitors. This will encourage more repeat visits and will provide a better link between product, promotion and target group. If these goals are achieved, the number of overnight stays in Drenthe will grow which will result in higher revenues from tourism in Drenthe. Further, Drenthe can achieve a stronger market position compared to other Dutch provinces. Greater efficiency and a sustainable future-proof organisation is the overall aim of the province of Drenthe.

Drenthe model 2020

To optimise the tourist information in Drenthe for the year 2020, ETFI researchers Bertus van der Tuuk and Tim Verver have developed an appropriate organisational model for tourist information in Drenthe. Moreover, a "roadmap" has been defined. This action plan establishes a new cooperation structure between different stakeholders. During the Recreation Congress Drenthe on the 1st of December the researchers will explain the results in detail.

Drenthe on the international bucket list

The recreation authority in Drenthe organises an annual Recreation Congress for entrepreneurs, policy makers and tourism organisations in the province of Drenthe. The theme of this year’s congress, the 32nd Recreation Congress, is international tourism. A growth of international tourists in Drenthe is taking place, but this does not mean that the province is automatically taking advantage of this tourism flow. A former correspondent from China, a German journalist and marketing consultant Marketing of NBTC Holland take the guests to the world of the international tourist.