Global threats to sustainable tourism futures

The 21st century landscape seems daunting, uncertain and prone to unprecedented shocks as events and crises shape and re-shape the global landscape, posing new challenges for travel and tourism. Even more than before, in such a globalized and mobile world, governments and industry stakeholders have to consider the costs and impacts of tourism and travel mobilities along with a catalogue of global threats.

Special issue Journal of Tourism Futures

The upcoming special issue of the Journal of Tourism Futures aims to advance the knowledge base regarding the threats and crises that are shaping the 21st century landscape of travel and tourism from the local to the global. Of course, while COVID-19 looms large on the global stage at present, the anticipation is that we should expect more crises and shocks, most of them unparalleled insofar as their nature, scope and reach. This raises pertinent and timely questions for the global tourism industry in terms:

  • How destinations and communities underlined by tourism might engage in future-proofing?
  • How policy makers should respond is also central to these concerns?
  • What lessons can be learned from past and present crises?
  • How can these be integrated into high-level policy and planning?
  • How have such prescriptions been/may be applied in practice?

We invite researchers and scholars working on diverse topics to engage actively with the global threats that are likely to affect travel and tourism in the 21st century, and offer directions that facilitate resilience, sustainability and proactive action. Interested in submitting your abstract? Read more by opening the PDF-file.