How can the quality of food and beverage services on ferries be improved?

Every year, our data analysist, Ben Wielenga, performs a passenger satisfaction research among passengers on the ferry to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. These ferries are operated by the Dutch Wagenborg Passenger Services. This year, one of the service aspects that is being analysed is the onboard food and beverage services. Although this service aspect generally gets high or above average customer satisfaction scores, passengers often give feedback and/or recommendations in order to improve the quality of the products and services offered by Wagenborg. Ben performed an in-depth research and dove deeper into examination of the quality of this service aspect.

The main focus of the research

The research was performed from September until November 2017 and gave us insights into the following aspects:

  • General use of food and beverage services on passenger ferry services
  • Importance of these services on-board of passenger services of Wagenborg
  • Products and services that have been purchased by passenger of Wagenborg
  • Level of satisfaction of passengers towards the purchased products and services
  • Products and services that are missing according to the passengers
  • Ways how Wagenborg could offer those missing products and services

Customer satisfaction research in process

During the 3-month lasting fieldwork, questionnaires were handed out to the passengers by food and beverage employees working onboard of both ferries. On the ferry operating between the mainland and Ameland, 173 respondents filled out our questionnaire. Whereas on the ferry to Schiermonnikoog, we received 591 completed questionnaires. Ben has analysed all the data and conducted a report for Wagenborg Passenger Services. By means of this research we provide the organisation with valuable research results and recommendations for improvement of the quality of their onboard food and beverage services.