How does the future of recreational boating look like?

In the Netherlands sailing is a common recreational activity, however, there is a limited amount of knowledge about this user group. On the 21st of June the symposium called “De Stand van de Waterrecreatie in Nederland” was organised in Utrecht.

The state of recreational boating in the Netherlands

In collaboration with the monitoring consortium MOCO and CELTH, Waterrecreatie Nederland organises this national symposium devoted to water recreation and water sports in the Netherlands. The symposium is about the following issues:

  • Building a sustainable knowledge network in which researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders share experiences, data and knowledge
  • Exchange outcomes of recent research about watersport, water recreation and water experience
  • Collecting input for a knowledge agenda monitoring water recreation and the financing

Monitoring sailing recreation and nature in the Wadden Sea

Part of the program is the MOCO (Monitoring Consortium) researchers who present their findings of 3 years of monitoring recreation and nature in the Wadden.  ETFI researcher Jasper Heslinga is part of this consortium and is responsible for the monitoring report with regard to the behaviour of the boaters. Based on nearly 1000 surveys among boaters, this report presents insights about the boaters, what they do, how they behave towards birds, seals and forbidden areas, and to what extent they are aware of the rules concerning sailing at the Wadden Sea. In this consortium, ETFI works closely with the University of Groningen, SOVON Bird research, Altenburg and Wymenga ecology research and the Karekiet.

Support from Centre of Expertise Leisure Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH)

For the Centre of Expertise Leisure Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH), monitoring the tourism-recreational sector is one of its major tasks. To stimulate this research, CELTH has provided the aforementioned monitoring program for boat recreation in the Wadden Sea with financial support. In addition, CELTH wants to use the symposium to broaden the discussion around monitoring, data and information and to point out what is needed for this and what role a national knowledge centre like CELTH can play in this.

Interested in water sports and monitoring?

Are you, as an entrepreneur, policy maker, researcher, manager, director, representative of interest or otherwise involved in developing the possibilities for water recreation and water sports and are you interested in monitoring, data and information? The program of the symposium can be found here. Register here for the participation before 21st of June  2019.