How to ensure sustainable tourism in small islands?

While the second round of our Visitor Pressure project is still up and running, plans for the next part of the project are being made to ensure sustainable tourism in island destinations.

Balancing tourism in European tourism cities

In 2015, we created an overview of the problems caused by visitor pressure in numerous European city destinations. Currently, we are further investigating the problem of visitor pressure and focusing specifically on smaller urban destinations. We strive to balance the needs of visitors and residents for long-term sustainability. However, we notice that in the case of visitor pressure in island destinations also actionable solutions need to be found. Therefore, we will further contribute towards the understating of visitor pressure and its consequences by means of a third Visitor Pressure project.

Visitor pressure in island destinations

Island destinations are extremely vulnerable due to their unique characteristics, limited resources and space. Balancing visitor flows and their impact without reaching or overcoming the saturation point has vital importance. Long-term sustainability of these destinations depend largely on the efforts taken to mitigate the negative impacts of tourists on the economic, social and natural environment. For this reason, we would like to look for the answers and possible solutions for the problem of balancing visitor flows and their impacts in these distinctive island destinations.

Participate in this unique tourism Visitor Pressure research

In collaboration with CELTH, we are in the process of setting up this brand-new Visitor Pressure project. The project is expected to start in spring 2018 and will run till the end of the year.

Are you interested to take part in this research? Read more information about our visitor pressure project and send your application to me by clicking on the contact button below.