How to incorporate scenario planning into your strategic competence?

Education in strategic foresight and scenario planning is one of our key responsibilities. Today’s complex and volatile world requires new approaches to strategic management and policy making. The conventional approach with which trends of ‘yesterday’ are used as a foundation for future strategies and plans is no longer sufficient. In order to develop resilience and future-proofing it is important to grasp what the future holds and to develop policies, strategies, concepts, products or services that help to anticipate possible futures. This approach is referred to as strategic foresight.

ETFI offers a unique approach to strategic foresight combining insights from:

  • Futurology
  • Scenario planning
  • Adaptive planning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Design thinking

Thus, strategic foresight is an approach that perfectly fits with the contemporary era characterised by hyper-connectivity, exponential developments and a huge degree of uncertainty.

Become more resilient and future-proof

By means of a short course, our scenario planning experts are able to contribute to the strategic competencies of the next generation of policy makers and managers. We train senior staff how to make their businesses, industry, organisation or institution more resilient and future-proof.  

Scenario planning in leisure and tourism industry

For the leisure and tourism industry we deliver a tailor-made course of 1 to 4 days to a group colleagues of your business, industry or organisation. This could be organised either in-company or at one of the campus sites of Stenden University in the Netherlands, Bali, South-Africa, Qatar or Thailand. For individual professionals, it is possible to register for a course of two days at the Dutch campus in Leeuwarden, provided that a minimum of 10 persons sign up.

Introduction to strategic foresight in education

Students of bachelor or master programmes associated with leisure, tourism or hospitality are able to undertake a course in strategic foresight and scenario planning. A course of 1 till 4 days can be organised at your university, however, you could also come over with your students to Leeuwarden to be taught at Stenden University and have a nice time in Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture in 2018.

During the past few years we successfully provided such a course to:

  • University of Tartu Pärnu College (Estonia)
  • Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris (France)
  • SKEMA Business School in Nice (France)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (United Kingdom)
  • Stenden University in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)
  • NHL University in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)
  • NHTV University in Breda (The Netherlands)

A typical course to professionals or to students is composed of an introduction to strategic foresight and scenario planning, and a practical training in relation to a case that is free to choose. The practical training focuses on:

  • The construction of a scenario question
  • Environmental analysis
  • Identification of driving forces of change and critical uncertainties
  • Development of a set of scenarios
  • Optional: visioning and/or strategy design
  • Language of instruction: Dutch or English

Learning from the future with scenario planning

Discover this practical method for exploring possible futures for your business or university (of applied sciences). When finalising this course, you will be able to take robust decisions and to create strategies that support you to work towards your ideal future. Contact our scenario planning expert for more information.