Innovative big data research in tourism: recreational use of the Wadden Sea

An increasing number of lovers of the Wadden Sea enjoy this World Heritage Site as water sports destination. To mainstream these activities, ETFI examines the developments of recreational use of the Wadden Sea by means of big data.

Action plan recreational sailing Wadden Sea

We reflect on space, time and behavior in regard to the development of the natural values ​​of birds and seals in the area. Ultimately, it is a sustainable coexistence of man and nature in the Wadden Sea. Rest for birds and space for people. An action plan for recreational boating in this area is the result of this research. We create this action plan in collaboration with Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology, University of Groningen, Altenburg & Wymenga and Bureau De Karekiet.

Innovative research

The research is carried out on the basis of an operational and practical design. In mid-2016 we have actually implemented the design. The design is an evolution of the traditional monitoring principles for innovative methods. We use big data, data science, AIS, radar, visual observations, surveys, counts and the apps Greenmapper and Greentracker.

Intermediate position big data

Together with our partners we have already collected 45 million records consisting of AIS data only. If we involve the radar data this year, the number of records increases by a factor of 7: a total of over 300 million records per year. To analyse and understand these data correctly our partner the University of Groningen writes algorithms. It is a process of trial and error. After this quest we again provide an intermediate position of our unique big data project.