Teaching students to become adaptive and make future-proof decisions

Over the past years, ETFI has given educational courses on strategic foresight and scenario planning at different universities in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, for example, at the Sorbonne University in Paris. This year we were invited by the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur in Switzerland and, for the second subsequent year, SKEMA Business School in Nice, France.

Scenario planning for tourism

The programme in Chur entails a course given to students MSc Business Administration - Major Tourism in October and November by Dr Albert Postma. Lectures on strategic foresight, scenario planning and adaptive planning, and literature on these topics serve as the basis for the programme.

During the course the students collaboratively:

  • address the self-determined scenario question: “What can be done to improve the adaptability of the business in ski destination Lenzerheide till 2040?”,
  • map and delimit the domain of the problem,
  • perform a scan for relevant changes and developments in the business environment over the next two decades,
  • analyse the forcefield impacting upon Lenzerheide’s future,
  • develop and craft four different future scenarios that frame the ski resort’s possible future in 2040,
  • list the possible implications of each scenario for Lenzerheide’s businesses, and identify which ones are most and least preferred,
  • design strategic options for the businesses in the resort to become more resilient and future-proof, which they will evaluate ex- ante for their robustness, suitability, acceptability and feasibility in order to compose strategic advice.

Becoming adaptive and future proof

At SKEMA in Nice, a shorter version of this course will be given to students Master of Science in Strategic Event Management and Tourism Management, in December by Bernadett Papp. Strategic foresight is a contemporary approach to strategic planning, both for the public, semi-public or private sector. It makes use of scenario planning, design-based thinking, and collaborative action, to assist the organisation, whether it is a business, industry, governmental body, or tourism destination, in becoming more adaptive and future proof.

The courses we deliver are tailor-made in consultation with our client. In case your university of applied sciences or business is interested in the course, please contact Dr Albert Postma.