Tourism for all: What do we know about accessible and inclusive tourism supply and demand?

As people with disabilities represent one of the fastest growing travel market segments, in one of our latest research projects, together with Wageningen University & Research (lead partner) and Breda University of Applied Sciences we are focusing on this specific travel sector.

The customer journey of people with disabilities and their caretakers

The project will shed light on the customer journey of people with disabilities and their caretakers. We intend to map all touchpoints throughout the journey, be it direct or indirect interactions. Besides focusing on the cognitive and behavioural reactions, the research aims to study the affective and emotional aspects of the holiday experience too, as well as the key barriers and obstacles this specific target group is facing and the challenges and restrictions that may hold them back from travelling.

Understanding needs and wants of travellers with disabilities

The project includes a large scale survey across the Netherlands and a customer journey study. Together with our partners, the ANVR, the Dutch branch organisation for travel providers, and the NBAV that comprises more than 40 organisations catering to the holiday needs and interests of people with diverse disabilities, we are working hard to develop a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of these travellers in order to assist travel service provides in catering for this market segment.

The researchers are currently busy with the research design and will soon launch a large scale survey across the Netherlands.