Tourism: a blessing or curse? – a student perspective

‘To what extent is tourism a blessing or a curse?’ this is a question we often ask ourselves. The Tourism industry has a lot of different influences on the environment, on local people and on economic issues of all destinations. Undoubtedly, tourism has numerous advantages and positive impacts, however, negative impacts such as overcrowding of cities, exploitation of communities, touristification of city centres, just to name a few, are more often in the spotlight.

Ethics in tourism

Tourism Management students of NHL Stenden University had an opportunity to study the ethical side of tourism. The lecture series organized by our tourism expert, Maaike Bergsma, helped students to gain insights on topics such as volunteer tourism, slum tourism, wildlife tourism, indigenous tourism, responsible tourism and other controversies in tourism.

Student’s perception of sustainable tourism

As a part of an assignment, students had to reflect on the information they gained and write an essay from a personal perspective on sustainable tourism and sustainable leadership. The aim of the assignment was to let students explain how they see their own contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Download an interesting read from a second year student, Jule Schwarz. Her essay provides a glimpse into how she, as a tourism student and future tourism professional, sees the topic of sustainability within the tourism industry.