Towards a sustainable tourism destination: students on a fieldtrip to Ameland

Policy and spatial planning can play a significant role in guiding the development direction of tourist destinations. Destinations can be in transition, for example from a destination solely focused on economic growth to a sustainable destination where the economy, ecology and social aspects are strengthening each other.

Insights from practice

To see what you encounter in such a transition, a combined group of students of NHL Stenden and the University of Groningen attend an excursion on the Wadden island of Ameland. During this field trip, the students get practical insights into how a transition towards a sustainable tourism destination can be managed. Several experiences from different perspectives such as the government, the DMO, the nature protection agency and tourism entrepreneurs are shared with the students. The fieldtrip is part of the master course ‘Policy and Planning in Leisure and Tourism’ which is coordinated by ETFI researchers Stefan Hartman and Jasper Heslinga.”

 Learn about transitions and scenario planning

In this course, students learn to recognise and analyse transitions in tourism and leisure. In addition, one gets the tools to learn how to work with scenario planning to map the uncertainties in the future and to be able to determine possible development directions on the basis of this. Thinking in scenarios can help policy makers and planners to anticipate future developments.