Critical Tourism Studies: Understanding and changing tourism

Monday June 24, 2019 to Friday June 28, 2019

Our tourism expert Akke Folmer will present her most recent research on the involvement of local people in nature policy and planning, and cultural tourism development, at the International Tourism Conference on Ibiza. The conference is organised by Critical Tourism Studies (CTS), which is an international network of scholars who see tourism practice, research and education as a driver for social change. CTS seeks to find novel ways of understanding and changing tourism by locating the phenomenon in its wider political, economic, cultural and social contexts.

Shaping the future plans of the Boschplaat

Akke will present results of a case study on the involvement of local inhabitants with the future plans of a large protected area, the Boschplaat, which is managed by the Forestry Commission and located on Terschelling, a Dutch Wadden island. The Forestry Commission decided to include local people in the future plans of the Boschplaat, as locals have a special bond with this area. For one of their projects, they asked students of Tourism Management to do interviews with local people to discover special memories about, and meaningful experiences with, the Boschplaat. The interviews revealed rich personal, social and cultural histories of the Boschplaat, ranging from stories about jutting shipwrecks on the beach, catching rabbits in the dunes, fishing in the creeks, to riding horses through the dunes. The outcomes will be used to shape the future plans of the Boschplaat, as well as to communicate the rich cultural history and special meanings to other islanders and visitors.