Teaching students the concept of strategic foresight and scenario planning

Wednesday November 06, 2019 to Thursday November 07, 2019

Over the past years, ETFI has given educational courses on strategic foresight and scenario planning at different universities in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Our strategic foresight and scenario planning course can help students to learn how to make assumptions about the future and how the industry environment will change over time according to the plausible future. Our strategic foresight expert, Albert Postma, is leading a course for master students at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland.

Explore potential challenges and opportunities

During our course, Albert will teach students how to create plausible scenarios of the future. The scenario planning course is designed to help students explore new ways of thinking about strategy and identify potential challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Scenario planning training will teach students to:

  • Identify drivers for change
  • Develop plausible scenarios
  • Use scenarios to drive innovation in the tourism industry