Towards resilient regions: 8 policy recommendations for synergy between tourism and nature

Wednesday April 03, 2019 to Sunday April 07, 2019

On behalf of ETFI, our sustainable tourism expert Jasper Heslinga will attend an annual meeting of American Association of Geographers (AAG). There, Jasper will present his 8 policy recommendations for synergy between tourism development and nature protection that can help destinations build resilience. These recommendations are based on his PhD dissertation  and are often applied in ETFI projects.

American Association of Geographers

In April 2019, American Association of Geographers is having their annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  At this conference, over 9,000 academics from different backgrounds gather to share their work. Many sessions that are organised deal with topics related to tourism, leisure and hospitality and attract tourism experts from all over the world.