3 recommendations for optimal management of the Sneekweek festival

In recent years, event tourism has grown and festivals are emerging as a fast-growing sector of the tourism and leisure industry. Festivals can have a significant impact on the host communities. Therefore, ETFI, together with governmental authorities, festival organisers, non-governmental organisations and local communities, evaluated to what extent the Sneekweek festival influences residents of Sneek and analysed the methods used to adequately manage those social impacts.


  • Insight into the positive and negative impacts that Sneekweek has on the local community
  • Analysis of methods used to optimally adjust the Sneekweek festival to the community of Sneek
  • Roadmap with possible options on how the festival management could be improved


  • Overview of current issues that the festival and the local community are facing
  • The results provide a foundation for decisions in the field of policy and future strategy
  • Possible suggestions for improvements are formulated based on the outcomes