Effectiveness test nature excursions in the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Association has been organising excursions to the Wadden Sea since 1972. Nevertheless, it is unknown to them whether the present offer of mudflat excursions and nature excursions is in line with the needs of visitors of the Wadden Sea region. In addition, more knowledge is required of the motives and needs of (potential) Wadden Sea lovers. In this way, visitor flows to the Dutch northern coastal area can be structurally stimulated. In order to generate this knowledge, ETFI reviews the visitors of the Wadden Sea area and participants in the various nature excursions.


  • Little or no cooperation between providers of excursions and/or experience activities in the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea Region
  • Wadden excursion participants are avid visitors to the area
  • Wadden Sea World Heritage status did not contribute to choice for undertaking a excursion or experience activity
  • Important factors for booking an excursion/experience activity are the price and the pleasant company
  • Dozens of recommendations for the Wadden Association for effective excursions and experiences in the Wadden Sea Region


  • The Wadden Association gets an impression of ​​the current offer of excursions in the Wadden Sea
  • Measurement of the effect of these excursions and experiences
  • Identifying the wishes of the (potential) visitor of the Wadden Sea area in relation to organising experience activities
  • More knowledge and support for the World Heritage values of the Wadden Sea