The European Tourism Futures of International Train Travel

This project is aiming to develop a set of future scenarios for the tourism futures of international train travel. In line with the goals and aims of the white paper and the ambition to actively steer and shape future situations, we are either looking at creating goal scenarios or system scenarios. For each scenario, we describe the ‘why & how’ of the relevance and importance of the scenario, elaborate on the future situation in 2030 for the scenario and specify a set of implications for a set of categories: the guiding principle, the tourist, strategy, risks, markets.

This research project is still running


  • Mapping a set of key forces driving change towards more international train travel by tourists, based on a quick scan;
  • Creating an inventory of drivers and organising working sessions to prioritise drivers and identify the most important key drivers;
  • Formulating next steps regarding the tourism futures of international train travel, focusing specifically on policies that enable commercial opportunities between destinations and railways;
  • Presenting the results in an accessible and visually attractive white paper that is appealing and readable for a wide audience.

The sponsors of the project are Eurail and ETC. Furthermore, CELTH is also acting as a sponsor of the project to strengthen and deepen the approach. CELTH will communicate about its contribution to the project whereby all communications will be discussed and aligned with ETC/Eurail.