Experience monitor for National Park Weerribben-Wieden

To motivate potential visitors to visit an area and to create a satisfying customer experience, a national park must communicate with the visitor at the right time and in the right way. A visitor passes through a "customer journey". During the trip, visitors come into contact with a variety of "touch points." These are the moments when visitors retrieve information, and both physically and virtually get in contact with the brand "national park" through media channels. The "touch points" provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and park managers. Therefore, ETFI monitors the information moments and the perception and expectation of visitors of national park Weerribben-Wieden


  • Visitors mainly use informal channels in the first phase of the customer journey
  • Invest in strengthening of online information
  • The National Park label does not contribute to the decision to visit the area
  • Limited information available for foreign (potential) visitors


  • Developing a unique experience monitoring methodology for national park Weerribben-Wieden
  • Gaining insight into the 'gaps' between the message sent by the park and the experience of the visitor
  • Redevelopment of "touch points" to achieve improved motivation, perception and appreciation
  • Optimisation of customer perceptions and experiences with the aim of improved satisfaction, repeat visits and more recommendations from visitors