Experiment with satellite data in leisure and tourism

Together with NBTC Holland Marketing, CBS and CELTH, we researched to what extent it is possible to use satellite data to provide insight into information that is valuable for the leisure and tourism sector. Our goal was to perform an initial test with open data to determine the possibilities, bottlenecks and research-related challenges.

Research methods

  • Quick scan
  • Test with open-source data called ‘Sentinel Data’
  • Determining crowding


  • The use of satellite images is technically possible
  • Number of practical obstacles: access to good satellite images, the methodological knowledge and the necessary (control of the) software
  • End users of the ultimate insights to be retrieved, such as governments, DMOs, industry or interest organisations, most likely need a service provider


  • Insight into the most useful satellite images with open data
  • Overview of most useful places to determine the effectiveness of satellite images
  • Exploratory quick scan to determine the feasibility and affordability of closed data options

Experiment with satellite data in leisure and tourism (Dutch) 511.50 KB

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