Follow-up research: managing visitor pressure in an urban setting

Our follow-up research project together with CELTH identifies the different perceptions of visitor pressure among residents. Also numerous ways of managing visitor pressure in cities, both large and small, have been clarified with particular reference to seasonal visitor pressure and the impact of events.

Research method

Multi-method approach:

  • Extensive literature research
  • Semi-structured in-depth interviews with key industry players
  • Self-completion online resident surveys
  • Unstructured observations in participating cities
  • Critical incident technique


  • Insight into perspectives of local residents on visitor pressure
  • Appropriate strategies for dealing with visitor pressure
  • Clarification of the extent to which issues are universal and commonplace or more localised
  • A set of potential avenues for innovative solutions
  • Support of learning experiences among participating European cities


  • Overview of the theoretical background of overtourism
  • Future scenarios developed together with the partner DMOs
  • 121 actions grouped under 17 overarching strategies to help cities with managing visitor flows and mitigating the negative impacts of tourism
  • 17 overarching strategies are placed into the matrixes to give directions on what steps need to be taken and how to measure achievements
  • Checklist that intends to help the cities to make a self-assessment

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