Managing visitor pressure and events in an urban setting

Last year ETFI and CELTH initiated a research on visitor pressure in six major European cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Munich). First solutions were found that allow for a sustainable and non-disruptive development of urban tourism. In this follow-up research these learning experiences are used to better understand and find solutions for visitor pressure not only in large, but also smaller cities (Salzburg, Tallinn and the five Flemish coastal cities). In this case with particular reference to seasonal visitor pressure and the impact of events.

The goal in this research project is to identify the different perceptions of visitor pressure among residents as well as ways of managing visitor pressure in cities, both large and small. The aim is to continue the discussion about visitor pressure among participating cities and researchers to eventually result in a network community.


  • Insight into perspectives of local residents on visitor pressure
  • Appropriate strategies for dealing with visitor pressure
  • Clarification of the extent to which issues are universal and commonplace or more localised
  • A set of potential avenues for innovative solutions
  • Support of learning experiences among participating European cities