A master plan for Geopark the Hondsrug

The project bureau of Geopark the Hondsrug is working on a master plan for the year 2025. The plan must encourage area parties to support the idea of ​​a Geopark. Thereby, area parties are mobilised by the plan to realise the ideas of the Geopark in practice. In collaboration with CELTH, ETFI provides advice for mobilising master plan.


  • An action plan for marketing the UNESCO label and strengthen the character of the area
  • A recommendation dedicate a place to the regional marketing of the Hondsrug in the multi-level governance system
  • An advice for the successful execution of niche marketing in a complex environment


  • Realisation of co-creation/co-design in practice
  • Insight into the use of this type of master plan for area development
  • Understanding of success and failure factors that are important for attracting area parties to contribute to the master plan