Policy measures to reduce the impact of over-tourism in the European Union

In collaboration with Breda University, University of Brighton, Lund University, and Ostelea School of Tourism and Hospitality - University of Lleida we investigate the scale, major causes and challenges resulting from over-tourism in the European Union. The growing tourism sector might have a profound negative impact on local social and environmental balances in the European Union. For this reason, we develop policy actions to overcome the negative effects of the overflow of tourists in European Union destinations. The full study is available here.


  • The European Parliament receives a comprehensive overview of the situation in the European Union concerning the overcrowding of the tourist destinations
  • Policy makers can use a set of criteria to identify at the early stages the treat of over-tourism in the European Union tourist destinations
  • Creation of practical policy responses by means of scenario planning
  • Workable conclusions and suggestions on policy actions at EU-level based on 40 case studies and a professionals survey