Scenarios for future-proof camping trips

We conducted a market and scenario study for NCRV Camping Travel, focusing on the market for group camping trips and the position of NCRV camping trips in this. NCRV Camping Travel has to deal with an aging and shrinking number of tour guides and with a shrinking number of participants.


  • Insight into important developments in the tourism market
  • New perspective at challenges within the camping sector and NCRV Camping Travel
  • Scenarios provide inspiration for decision-making with regard to the future-proofing of NCRV Camping Travel


  • Developments in the market for camping trips in the Netherlands
  • Target group analysis of the market for camping trips
  • Competitive analysis in the camping travel market
  • Awareness and image research of the NCRV Camping Travel brand
  • Scenarios in a trilemma triangle

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