Recommendations for event management during COVID-19

During my research, I defined the safety and security rules and regulations from the government as the biggest influence on event managers in Hamburg. Little did the participants, or I know what was about come when COVID-19 arrived in Europe.

Safe events COVID-19

Event managers and many others from the culture and art industry have to fight for their existence. The influences on event managers by rules and regulations from the government will, as established during my last research, increase. However, public health will play an important role in the industry. It forces event managers, now even more than before, to create a safe space for the visitors.

New trends for event management

In the future the focus of events and event management will be different. The past months have already shown us in what fast changing world we are living and that the situation may change from one day to another.

Focus on public health

So far, safety and security measurements included aspects as roadblocks and emergency exits. The public health was not yet a major concern for event managers. The current circumstances evolving from the COVID-19 pandemic will set health aspects in the spotlight. These can vary from a better ventilation system to the availability of hand sensitisers. Not all progressions will influence the industry on the long term (e.g. face masks), yet some will become the new norm.

Innovative thinking

Finding alternative ways of event design has now been more the focus than ever. Innovation is a continuous approach within the industry but in times of a crisis, ideas are transformed into reality faster. As the situation does not seem to be able to get worse, trying out is the best way to see if something works. Therefore, more innovative ideas are required and will most likely be implemented faster (if the investment is not too expensive).

Personalised events

Similar to the tourism industry, in the event sector the goal is to create a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors. Until now the experiences were created in many different ways, if large scale or small scale. However, events will become more personalised. A limited number of visitors allows for a better understanding of the audience and creates great potential for event managers.

More intense experience

The trends emerging from the current situation are (for now) mostly online events and live streams. However, some concerts or festivals also take place but with a very limited number of visitors. This means the events are more personalised which can give the guests a more intense experience. Being assigned to a certain area of the location and receiving special attention from staff can create the feeling of being important and special.

In case I forgot to mention other important new event management trends, let me know your thoughts by sending me a message.

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