Scenario research

Our scenario research helps businesses and organisations in the field of leisure and tourism to take more informed strategic decisions. Your organisation or business is challenged to see futures from different perspectives. Our experts have carried out dozens of scenario studies for domestic and foreign tourism organisations.

How does scenario research work?

Step 1: Together with you, we visualise the uncertainties in an interactive way
Step 2: Our specialists conduct a futures study
Step 3: They design future scenarios  
Step 4: They clarify strategic actions based on the scenarios
Step 5: We monitor the implementation of actions (if desired)

A scenario study consists of four parts:

  • Futures study on trends and developments
  • Developed scenarios
  • Strategic actions described on the basis of scenarios
  • Professionally drawn up research report as PDF file


  • Customisation: add further nuances to the above-mentioned parts
  • Printing of the research report