Tailor-made research

Does your organisation expect to face a problem in the future? It will be our pleasure to drop by with our 'tool box' filled with various research methods and techniques. Examples are desk research, expert interviews, group discussions, master classes, large-scale quantitative surveys and big data analysis.

Increase the resilience of your organisation

Our experts know exactly which current trends are present in the world of leisure and tourism. With this knowledge they can prepare you for unexpected events. They are keen to put their knowledge into action to ensure that your tourism organisation is more resilient.

How does tailor-made tourism research by ETFI work?

Step 1: During an intake interview we discuss your challenges
Step 2: We come up with a proposal
Step 3: We will discuss it with you
Step 4: We will develop a common project description in which the expectations are clearly described
Step 5: We will apply the commitments and create a customised solution