Impact assessment and monitoring

We are able to periodically conduct a monitoring study to clarify current tourism data. Then we connect and compare the data with current developments and trends in leisure and tourism. By means of this analysis you will gain insight into the state of affairs and the development of important key figures. Optionally, the effect of certain measures can be evaluated. You can improve your project, service or product on the basis of these results.

Unique ETFI method

We have developed a method that determines the economic impact at a regional level, because there often is a need to calculate the economic impact of a policy or investment. This applies to new policies, but also to major investments or transitions.

4 advantages of impact assessment and monitoring by ETFI:

  • The consequences of your plans for economic growth and employment become clear
  • We determine the impact at a national or regional level
  • Substantiation of policy studies
  • Calculating the effects of studies (economic, social and environmental)