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An insight into tourism taxation

12 Apr

Tourism taxation is a policy instrument used by national and local authorities. It is used with the aim of correcting for the negative externalities caused by tourism, enhancing tourism sustainability, and financing the provision of public services that are used not only by residents but also by tourists. As a researcher I do not want to start a debate on whether tourism tax should be used. I am curious to study the reasoning behind the structures of the tourism tax in Dutch municipalities and the challenges that come along with it.

Sjors Schuurmans Read more
Regenerative Future of Tourism

Transformation and the Regenerative Future of Tourism

29 Mar

The special issue of our Journal of Tourism Futures seeks to explore how tourism can contribute to this transformation. We invite papers that examine, among other things, how tourism can become a catalyst for environmental, social, cultural and economic regeneration, and heal ecosystems and empower local communities. While remaining critical, papers should provide hopeful, regenerative and transformative views of tourism’s potentialities. Papers may also consider how planners might think freshly about facilitating a regenerative future of tourism.

Ian Yeoman Read more
GPS tourism

Supporting destination management through GPS based predictive modelling

26 Mar

In the last decennia, both tourism and leisure industries have created significant benefits to the economic, cultural and social development of destinations around the globe. Mankind has a history of using innovative technologies to counter current day challenges in the field of sustainable development of destinations. Therefore, I have decided to write my BA thesis in an attempt to reveal the potential of predictive GPS-modelling for European destinations according to tourism professionals.

Noël Middelhoek Read more

Destinations as office location

22 Mar

Destinations are changing their marketing strategy and try to attract tourists by offering coworking spaces. This new strategy is not only focusing to market a destination as vacation spot, but as the spot to build a temporary office. The pandemic brought the business industry forward in terms of digitalisation. What is new is the way destinations and organisations understand, support and market remote working.

Laura Spiekermann Read more

New research maps the value of the entire hospitality sector for the first time

15 Mar

How deeply rooted is the hospitality sector in society? What would society look like without people being able to relax, eat out, camp, play sports, meet each other, enjoy culture, travel and attend events? Together with CELTH and Gastvrij Nederland, we have answered that question in the research project: Social value of tourism and recreation.

Jasper Heslinga Read more

The Netherlands from above: use of satellite images for tourism and recreation

22 Feb

Our tourism experts Ben Wielenga, Jasper Heslinga and Stefan Hartman recently published an article on the use of satellite images to understand the tourism and recreation sector. Last year, the article was published in a new edition of the Trend Report. Satellite images are already available, but applications in the tourism and recreation sector are still limited. This article changes that.

Jasper Heslinga Read more
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