What is the social importance of tourism?

With the Dutch national elections coming up in March 2021, it is important for Gastvrij Nederland and the associated branch organisations to provide political parties and public opinion with reliable insights on the importance of tourism and recreation for the Netherlands. A reason for us, in collaboration with CELTH, to research the societal importance of tourism for Gastvrij Nederland.

3 research steps

To clarify what the social importance of tourism and recreation is, how to increase this, and who should have which responsibilities, this research consists of three main steps:

  1. Literature review: exploring and collecting current knowledge and data
  2. Survey:
    – gain insights in the image organisations/entrepreneurs themselves have about the societal value
    -how this value was established
    -what possibilities they see to develop this in the future
    – what barriers they run into and what potential solutions are
  3. Case studies:
    – analyse examples from practice about the current societal values
    –  way to optimise this
    – which conditions are needed
    –  which roles entrepreneurs, interest groups and governments should play

First results expected by the end of 2020

The research project has started now and the first results can be expected by the end of this year. The project will provide insights for Gastvrij Nederland and the branches that help to put even more emphasis on the ‘sector’. However, it  will also provide essential insights to us, CELTH and the connected Universities of Applied Sciences that can help set and sharpen their research agenda for the coming years.

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