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The European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI) is a leading institute with a unique position in Europe. We paint pictures of the future of leisure and tourism which make industry associations, government authorities, businesses and education more resilient to the uncertainties posed by today’s society. By means of applied and academic research we design strategies, business models and concepts for the future.

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We create resilient policies, strategies and actions that allow actors in the leisure and tourism industry to manage constantly changing trends and business environments.

Tailor-made research

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Together with professors, research-lecturers and students we deliver scientifically proven solutions for current or upcoming problems in the leisure and tourism sector.

Academic research

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Our high-level speakers drive inspiration at leading international events with their research-based insights to ensure resilience in the world of leisure and tourism.

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scenario planning

We are the only expertise centre in Europe that applies scenario planning in leisure and tourism research. By means of this powerful approach to strategy and planning, we examine what changes the leisure and tourism sector are set to undergo. This results in concrete advice on how to anticipate these developments with innovative visions, concepts, revenue models or strategies.

Benefits of our unique approach are:

  • Enhancement of creativity in decision-making
  • Quick and decisive response to future developments
  • Up-to-date strategies, business models and concepts
  • Resilient business, organisation or destination
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How could we plan for urban greenspace that is beneficial for all?

01 Jun

In my previous blog about the importance and future of urban greenspace (link to previous blog), I reflected on the importance of urban greenspace to quality of life for all. In this blog I will give four recommendations on how regions, cities or villages in the Netherlands can make greenspace beneficial for all.

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The future of e-HRM and AI in the tourism and hospitality industry

17 May

Technologies that facilitate human resource management, labelled as digital or electronic human resource management (e-HRM) are developing rapidly, an observation that is shared by many. Relatively recently the term artificial intelligence (AI) caused a new wave of potential technological facilitation for HRM. The brand-new special issue of the Journal of Tourism Futures presents papers that cover a broad range of talent management related challenges and issues for the tourism and hospitality industry in which recent technological developments play a role.

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Do the tourists want to “Build Back Better”?

26 Apr

It is vital to gain insights and develop a better understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourists’ attitude, potential and actual sustainable travel behaviour, the likely gap between attitude and behaviour, and between awareness and attitude. At ETFI, one of our current aims is to gain empirical evidence to answer the questions listed above. We invite you to share your views and insights with us.

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What will recreation and tourism in the IJsselmeer area look like in 30 years?

23 Apr

To be able to foresee a future in 2050, scenarios provide a useful instrument. With scenarios possible futures can be explored of how recreation and tourism in the IJsselmeer area could look like 30 in years an extreme yet plausible situation. Subsequently, the scenarios act as a source of inspiration to paint a vision that can guide the development of recreation & tourism in the area. We are involved in the project to design and guide the scenario planning process.

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An insight into tourism taxation

12 Apr

Tourism taxation is a policy instrument used by national and local authorities. It is used with the aim of correcting for the negative externalities caused by tourism, enhancing tourism sustainability, and financing the provision of public services that are used not only by residents but also by tourists. As a researcher I do not want to start a debate on whether tourism tax should be used. I am curious to study the reasoning behind the structures of the tourism tax in Dutch municipalities and the challenges that come along with it.

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Regenerative Future of Tourism

Transformation and the Regenerative Future of Tourism

29 Mar

The special issue of our Journal of Tourism Futures seeks to explore how tourism can contribute to this transformation. We invite papers that examine, among other things, how tourism can become a catalyst for environmental, social, cultural and economic regeneration, and heal ecosystems and empower local communities. While remaining critical, papers should provide hopeful, regenerative and transformative views of tourism’s potentialities. Papers may also consider how planners might think freshly about facilitating a regenerative future of tourism.

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