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View all projects carried out by us. We have summarised these projects, but our work obviously goes further than that. With our broad knowledge in the field of futures research and scenario planning for leisure and tourism, we can support your organisation in policy making and strategic planning taking into account the rapidly changing world.

Project nameProject leader
Social media: the first stepsStefan Hartman
Future scenarios AEOLUS: product innovation and future strategyAlbert Postma
The future of campingAlbert Postma
Youth and water sportsAlbert Postma
Sustainable regional cooperation in tourismAlbert Postma
Future scenarios for Geopark “De Hondsrug”Stefan Hartman
Northern Netherlands as an international holiday destinationAlbert Postma
The future of the Dutch city Emmen in 2025Albert Postma
Tourism Monitor 2012: Research on the developments of the tourism sector in the Dutch provinces Fryslân and GroningenTjeerd Zandberg
Development of the accommodation sector in the Dutch province of FryslânAlbert Postma
Mapping the customer journey of international students in LeeuwardenStefan Hartman
Future scenarios for visitor attractionsAlbert Postma
Monitoring visitors in Fryslân and Groningen 2013Tjeerd Zandberg
Sports tourism in the Sportas AmsterdamStefan Hartman
The Wadden dike: opportunities for a unique leisure landscapeStefan Hartman
Tourism potential of coastal landscapes in North HollandAlbert Postma
The working environment of the travel professional in 2025Albert Postma
The Vechtdal as leisure landscapeStefan Hartman
Investigations into the visitors of classical music festival “CityProms”Ben Wielenga
The future of regular guestsAlbert Postma
Customer satisfaction of Wagenborg passengers 2015Ben Wielenga
The future of group accommodations of AmelandAlbert Postma
Tourism and economic potential wind farmsBen Wielenga
Customer satisfaction of Wagenborg passengers 2016Ben Wielenga
The future of the cultural-historical sailing industry in the NetherlandsStefan Hartman
The Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2016Hans Revier
Creation of a hostess team for European Capital of Culture Leeuwarden 2018Bertus van der Tuuk
Flexible overnight accommodations in the province of FryslânAlbert Postma
Desicion-support framework for attraction development in the Metropolitan Region AmsterdamStefan Hartman
A recommendation for the implementation of international tourist attractions in DrentheVictoria Naisola-Ruiter
Experience monitor for National Park Weerribben-WiedenMaaike Bergsma
Feasibility study for an art museumSandra Roorda
Feasibility of a fast ferry connection from the Wadden island Ameland to the Frisian mainlandBen Wielenga
Scenarios for social safetyAlbert Postma
Security Region Fryslân: Back To The Future 2027Albert Postma
Developing the Vechtdal as a leisure landscapeStefan Hartman
Effectiveness test nature excursions in the Wadden SeaBen Wielenga
Improving the food and beverage quality on Wagenborg ferriesBen Wielenga
Future-proof WAD 500Maaike Bergsma
Governance system for new Dutch National ParkJasper Heslinga
Impact assessment of curriculum on uninhabited Wadden Sea island “De Razende Bol”Ben Wielenga
Hostess team for future-proof hospitality in the province of FryslânBertus van der Tuuk
Strategic vision for group accommodations in the NetherlandsJasper Heslinga
Future-proof destination marketing plan TerschellingStefan Hartman
Improvement of the customer journey by means of dataMaaike Bergsma
Resilient leisure accommodation on the Utrechtse HeuvelrugMaaike Bergsma
Future-proof sport accommodations in the municipality of WesterveldBen Wielenga
The Future of the Live Communication sectorStefan Hartman
Innovation of leisure accommodation by means of co-makershipMaaike Bergsma
A tool to measure an oil spill in the Wadden SeaHans Revier
Monitoring the collaborations between students and entrepreneurs in the tourism sectorBen Wielenga
Sustainable Tourism 2040Albert Postma
Destination branding and marketing Hondsrug, UNESCO Global GeoparkStefan Hartman
The future of backpackingStefan Hartman
Tourism and leisure potentials of the AfsluitdijkAlbert Postma
Project plan for data collection in the leisure and tourism sectorStefan Hartman
Innovatieve scenario’s voor de toeristische sector in OverijsselAlbert Postma
The potential of the Dutch province of Drenthe as international tourism destinationVictoria Naisola-Ruiter
Development of tourist information services in Drenthe 2020Bertus van der Tuuk
An action plan for monitoring recreational boating at the Wadden SeaBertus van der Tuuk
Balancing tourism in HamburgVictoria Naisola-Ruiter
Analysis of travel destination safetyPeter Singleton
Future scenarios Leeuwarden: four sketches for the inner city of Leeuwarden in 2020Albert Postma

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Tourism as a driver of regional development and collaboration
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