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The future of Tourist Information Centers

06 July
Bernadett Papp Read more

Food is the soul of a place

05 July
Anke Arts Read more

How could we plan for urban greenspace that is beneficial for all?

01 June
Akke Folmer Read more

The future of e-HRM and AI in the tourism and hospitality industry

17 May
Ian Yeoman Read more

Do the tourists want to “Build Back Better”?

26 April
Bernadett Papp Read more

What will recreation and tourism in the IJsselmeer area look like in 30 years?

23 April
Albert Postma Read more

An insight into tourism taxation

12 April

Transformation and the Regenerative Future of Tourism

29 March
Ian Yeoman Read more

Wadden gastronomy brings green and culinary tourists to the Wadden Sea area

26 March
Stefan Hartman Read more

Supporting destination management through GPS based predictive modelling

26 March
Noël Middelhoek Read more

Destinations as office location

22 March

New research maps the value of the entire hospitality sector for the first time

15 March
Jasper Heslinga Read more