Student Projects

Discover the contributions and insights of the students from the Master’s program in International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management. We proudly present how they collaborated with lecturers, research lecturers, and industry professionals to develop innovative solutions within the dynamic sectors of leisure, recreation, and tourism.

Critical Events Perspectives

Events are essential in our current society, making their impact indispensable. They are often strategically used, for example, to position cities and regions or are utilised for sociological and political purposes. The multi-faceted supply of events influences topics such as (environmental) impact, legacy, social well-being, and placemaking, demanding critical scrutiny from event organisations in particular. 

Students from the Master International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management were challenged by ETFI to write a short, critical article on events and their impact. Over a period of five weeks, the students learned from academic experts and industry professionals, and conducted field research. An exchange scholarship took them to Portugal, where they evaluated the influence of events on urban development. Additionally, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Leiria, they studied the impact of surf events on the community and the environment. 

Each student wrote a critical article on a topic of choice related to events, which were combined into a thematized magazine. 

We hope you enjoy reading their work!