Since 2009, the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI) has been a market leader in future studies and scenario planning for the leisure and tourism industry. ETFI was established in response to an increasing need in the leisure and tourism industry for support with policymaking and strategic planning. In a world that is constantly evolving, we serve as the compass that takes rapid changes to shape the future of this vibrant sector.

Our team consists of an international group of experts with various professional backgrounds. We are all driven by our shared passion and curiosity about how the future of tourism will evolve and unfold. Use the filter to find the most suitable expert who is specialized in your research area.

Filter items:

Stefan Hartman

Destination governance
Sustainable tourism
Adaptive capacity building

Albert Postma

Scenario planning
Strategic foresight

Bernadett Papp

Destination governance and policy making
Strategic destination management
Urban tourism

Jasper Heslinga

Sustainable tourism
Smart tourism destinations
Tourism policy and planning

Akke Folmer

Sustainable tourism
Human-nature relationships

Ian Yeoman

Food tourism
Scenario planning
Future studies

Rob Ahlers

Event tourism
Music tourism

Anke Arts

Destination development
Food tourism

Ben Wielenga

Nature-based tourism
Birdwatching tourism

Sarike van Slooten

Cultural heritage
Dark tourism
Heritage tourism
Museum experience

Jochem Jansen

Future studies

Carolin Giarra

Destination development
Sustainable tourism
Scenario planning

Lambert Rozema

Colour and placemaking

Jörg Wenzel

Human machine interaction
Scenario planning

Noël Middelhoek

Destination management
Sustainable tourism