Creativity key to redesign tourism strategies in a post-COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 pandemic is a very difficult time for the tourism industry. Among entrepreneurs within the industry there is a lot uncertainty on how to continue. There are two options: stand still or go on. For most entrepreneurs standing still is not the best option, but how to continue has yet to be decided. We are looking for experiences of tourism organisations who have adapted and adjusted to a new reality or even completely reinvented themselves. With this, we want others to benefit from the experience of fellow entrepreneurs and specialists.

Creativity can contribute to recovery of tourism

In order to go on, creativity from the entrepreneur is required. Over the past months we have seen a lot of examples: restaurants have become takeaways, online performance instead of physical events, hotels have become available for student housing, and many more. Most of these creative initiatives are seen as temporary solutions that offer some handhold for entrepreneurs and their employees. It has to be mentioned that in most cases the results are not as before. For the future it is important to build resilience for COVID-19 and similar crises.

4 future scenarios for leisure, tourism & hospitality after COVID-19

Although, there are a lot of negative sights, the crisis offers time and space to reconsider on how to move forward. Together with CELTH, we have developed four future scenarios for the visitor economy after the coronavirus outbreak. The crisis could be time for the tourism industry to become more resilient for the future, but also increase the social responsibility for the society and the environment.

This blog was written by our assistant project manager Sjors Schuurmans. He is interested in the experiences of entrepreneurs, experts and students within the tourism industry. How are you moving forward during this crisis and what would be the difference of before corona (BC) and after corona (AC). Contact Sjors if you want to share your experiences.

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