Sarike van Slooten

Cultural heritage
Dark tourism
Heritage tourism
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Dr. Sarike van Slooten is a lecturer and coordinator of the BA minor ‘Heritage Experience Management’, the MA elective course ‘Contemporary Issues in Heritage’, and a researcher at the European Tourism Future Institute (ETFI). Her main focus is on the representation, interpretation, and the visitor experience of cultural heritage in relation to contemporary heritage and management issues. She has a specific interest in (post)colonial representations, identity formation and memory, inclusivity, and diversity, as well as dark tourism. She completed her PhD research at the University of Amsterdam’s research school ‘Amsterdam School of Heritage, Memory and Material Culture‘ in February 2023. Her study, titled ‘A Postcolonial Museum?‘, examines how museums can connect better with contemporary debates on colonialism through the perspective of the museum as an institution, the material presentation, and the visitor experience. It argues that a better connection between museums and contemporary debates on colonialism can be found through the imagination of the (im)possibility of constructing a postcolonial museum.

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