Ambitions for recreational boating Holwerd aan Zee

The project Holwerd aan Zee is getting closer to realisation. With the salt marsh lake to be constructed, Holwerd aan Zee will be of interest to tourists and in particular to boaters from both the Wadden Sea and inland waters. However, it is still insufficiently clear what ambitions there are in the field of recreational boating. This while at the moment concrete choices have to be made about physical interventions and the investments and costs involved. That is why we are conducting an exploratory study into the level of ambition for recreational boating as part of the Holwerd aan Zee project.

This research project is still running.


  • Insight into the needs and interests of the current and potential fleet sailing on the Wadden Sea near Holwerd
  • Insight into the needs and interest of the current and potential fleet sailing towards Dokkum, to sail from Dokkum via the Holwerter Feart to Holwerd
  • New knowledge about what this fleet looks like (boats, developments, facilities and expenditure)
  • Building block that forms input for the larger programme of requirements

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