Environmental vision Fryslân for a future-proof rural area

We support the province and municipalities in Fryslân in developing their environmental vision. We combine our knowledge of spatial planning, adaptive spatial planning, future scenarios and Design Thinking. After that, we enter a dialogue with the Frisian community to gain input about the rural area of the future. For example: how do nature, agriculture and leisure correlate? The output of the research are options and choices that are important for the future-proof development and establishment of the Frisian rural area.

  • Practically applicable future scenarios in image and text
  • Frisian rural area mixer console: overview of important themes and associated dilemmas that may or may not occur in Frisian government environmental visions
  • Operating instructions: for the use of the mixer console in the planning practice
  • Basic knowledge that is important when operating the mixing console. For example, knowledge of trends and developments that influence the design and development of the Frisian rural area of the future


  • Involving the Frisian community during a dialogue about the rural area of the future
  • Province of Fryslân receives support in formulating decision-supporting information: future images, implications and choices
  • A model to involve communities that is in particular applicable to environmental visions of other provinces and municipalities and complex (spatial) plans in general

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