Strategic research agenda for the leisure and tourism industry

We have developed a strategic research agenda to make the leisure and tourism sector in Dutch province of Noord-Holland future-proof. Together with CELTH, the province of Noord-Holland and the parties involved, we investigated data that can contribute to making the right policy choices. This data should also support in terms of responding to consumer needs.

  • Explanation of the approach followed in the development of the research agenda
  • Described context: what is meant by the leisure domain and what is the importance of knowledge and research for this domain?
  • Concrete content of the research agenda: what tasks are there, what is the priority of these tasks and which research questions are relevant?
  • Advice with regard to the organisation and implementation of the research agenda


  • Insight into how existing data can be effectively used and made available for policy
  • An inventory of which research methods are used
  • Concrete insights into the leisure and tourism sector of the province of Noord-Holland
  • Building blocks for new tourism and leisure policy for the province of Noord-Holland

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